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Los Angeles After Dark

Perfomances, Shows, Galleries and Concerts

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This community is dedicated to the events, shows, theaters, festivals, galleries, performers, nightlife and the people who go to them in the Greater Los Angeles area. It has been created as a site where shows, events, activities and entertainment of all types can be announced in advance, reviewed while on-going, or documented (w/in a month). Producers, entertainers, club goers and event organizers are encouraged to post info, seek feedback and promote their gigs.

Although the community is “LA Night Life”, we know that some people’s nights don’t end till nightfall. Don’t let the name fool ya. If it’s happening in the Los Angeles area, post it here.

Things this site isn't:
1. It's not a SPAM site for hard products or day to day services
2. It's not a site for whiners; if you don't like a post - Don't Open it!
3. It's not a capricious community where the rules (noted below) change randomly

I’m a firm believer in the keep it simple, make it fun approach. Unfortunately, there are anal retentive people out there who have to have things spelled out. This is to avoid silliness and set some very basic guidelines:

  • Disabling comments is not allowed, and will result in your post getting deleted.

  • All posts require an English version. Please post any others behind a cut.

  • Keep the community civil, in post, replies and images. The moderator(s) reserve the right to lock or delete posts & comments in order to maintain a level of decorum (a big word meaning "play nicely with others"). Intelligent, adult commentary, questions or even argument is more than acceptable. No flaming.

  • Try keeping it down to 1-2 posts per day. Posting a bunch of info, on the same event, in separate same day entries makes little sense and is annoying to most people.

  • IMAGES: LJ cuts are required after the first image. Note how many images follow behind the cut to spare dial-up users from unnecessary pain and suffering.

  • IMAGES: Image posts, flyers and the like are allowed. Images or graphics should be no bigger than 5” x 7” in the form or banners or flyers (contact the moderator(s) for possible exceptions). Hotlinks are encouraged; however, please leave at least one URL address to the redirected site visible. Keep all images PG rated as there will be minors looking at the community to find events.

  • IMAGES: Only post your own images/text (Where you own the copyright ©, or have permission).

  • Keep posts relative and reasonably current. All posts should bracket the event date(s) by one month. Announcements are allowed up to one month prior to the event. Reviews and event photos may be posted up to one month following the specific event date they’re related to.

  • This is an LJ Plus account, therefore LJ directed ads or placements may occur and are not in the control of the Mod. No SPAMing.

  • The moderator(s) promise to keep the rules from being changed or administrative actions be done on a whim. Changes to guidelines and rules will be announced seven (7) days before they will take effect. The moderator(s) reserve(s) the right to delete or restrict posts, members or threads that spin out of control.